Founded in 2010 by Laura (19) and refreshed in 2011 with a complete name change and utterly revised concept "Laura Macij Blog" is one of the earliest blogs in Lithuania which still constantly grows not only from the viewpoint of the increasing amount of daily readers all over the world but also in terms of quality and partners climbing on board. 

Laura herself was born in Lithuania, a tiny country in Baltic states. She started writing her fashion and lifestyle blog at young age and only in 2013 she started spreading a word about it online and in public fashion events to get noticed. With all the passion and effort she put into the blog, she quickly caught the interest of many well known brands in Lithuania and foreign countries. Today Laura is still learning how to professionally manage a blog . 

Blogging opened new job opportunities for Laura, who is currently a fashion editor at, visual stylist and model at Closte Clothes boutique, fashion editor at Guru- fashion and lifestyle magazine and fashion and lifestyle editor at Deichmann Trendblog.

Laura is capable of writing articles on fashion/lifestyle/traveling topics; styling and combining clothes for photo shoots; taking, editing and providing high quality pictures for fashion brands; modeling in filming/photobombing sets and walking on runway; she is still learning about making video montages and is mastering her skills as a graphic designer while creating all sorts of advertisements and stylistic graphics for her fashion trend articles. Most recently she has been given a chance to test herself in organizing fashion events.

Need to mention that Laura is also a twin blogger. She has a twin sister who runs her own and separate blog "Spaventare Moda". Although at this moment sisters choose to blog separately, they are working and doing their projects shoulder to shoulder. With the united effort sisters are conquering the fashion world in Lithuania and achieving their goals one after another.

© Laura Macij
Maira Gall