Dear readers, I think it's about time for me to look into my archives and check what is missing and what is yet unpublished on my blog. I know, I was super crazy and overwhelmed posting my articles from Seoul  back in summer as there were so many of them. Yet, there's one post that you haven't seen yet as I wanted to publish it along with my first vlog. And now, since I have already published my first vlog ever together with sister, it's time to look back in the amazing summer memories, starting with some pictures that we took in Raccoon Cafe in Seoul. 

My sister, during the whole travel, was looking for crazy, extraordinary spots for us to visit and when she showed me this cuteness paradise, of course, I couldn't agree more to go with her and have a good time with cutie Raccoons around. They, in fact, bite! A lot! And scratch! So if you go there, don't forget to put reliable clothes on, not like my slip top which can get torn easily by their sharp nails. However, you will have a great time there, so check them out on Trip Advisor and make your visit!. 

We had a good time drinking our chocolate cinnamon lattes, playing around and feeding the raccoons. You can see all the moments and more on my vlog which is now on Youtube. Scroll below for that!

SISTERS STARTED VLOGGING, HURRAYYY!!! (want your feedback, guys!)

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  1. Beautiful pictures
    Great post

    Love Vikee


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