So for those who don't know- I just recently moved to Hatfield, UK to study Fashion Business. Yep, big big changes in my life and you will definitely see some changes here too. This little peaceful town located just 20 minutes away from the big and hectic London can really change you, turn you into a whole different character, or not? Maybe you can see some differences in my style as well. Hatfield look is all about that relaxation, chill mood and peaceful vibes. I feel like there's no space for elegance, classy or other form of high fashion yet. I still try to figure out my reasons of bringing here my high heels. 

As I'm still trying to adapt and find my space here, it's hard for me to blog consistently. But I promise my lovelies- I'm getting on track little by little and soon you'll be able to see my utterly new adventures. Stay tuned!

I was wearing:

Tally Weijl top
Asos jacket
Pants and earrings bought in S.Korea 
Adidas sneakers
Mohito purse


  1. Cute camo print jacket, and the ruffled sleeves are nice.

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. Nice:) xx


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