Just like the fallen leaves on the ground, Autumn also has multiple colours. Not always it is white and bright like yellow, right? You can  always feel the twist of feelings in the air: first coziness and then the feeling of being lonely. Yet, It's still a season of learning and progressing. Just by how active I'm during October, I always come across different and challenging situations which all bring some kind of a lesson, but that complexity of self-improvement and a failure is what makes this season charming. Don't you agree? 

As for my outfit, on gloomy days I always prefer something cute, that makes everything look sweet and positive, not that it's really like that, but just as they say- Fake it 'til you Make it-. So for you guys, not that I'm saying something new, but If, at some point, everything seems dull and hopeless, you can always brighten up the day with your adorable sweater and some colorful accessories. 

I was wearing:

Zara top
Shein fur coat
Mango pants
Deichmann shoes
Asos hair ribbon


  1. Very beautiful! :)

  2. super:) xx


© Laura Macij
Maira Gall