In this article I really wanted to share one special piece that I brought all the way from South Korea. It's my newest and perhaps the trendiest piece that I currently own- my bomber jacket with patches. When thinking of my upcoming autumn outfits I feel like it would be a big mistake for a girl coming from Lithuania to exclude such a dark garment in autumn season (Lithuanian people can relate to this). And to be honest, the color of this bomber jacket is more navy blue than black, but in photos it looks slightly darker. 

Yet, you know how some dark looks end up looking boring. To avoid that I just had to include my amazing pair of sculptural earrings from Crazy Factory (grab them here). I love how they add that unique glam to my outfit and make it more captivating.

I'm wearing:

The jacket that I got in Seoul
Pants also.
Mohito purse 
Adidas sneakers
Earrings and choker from Crazy Factory


  1. Gorgeous look! :)

  2. This outfit is just gorgeous, I love it!

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  3. um this is ripping through my culture's styles preps were never a part of it


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