I'm back with my passion for traveling and adventures! In this post, I gathered some unseen shots from my stay in two cities of South Korea and published the first video about my first two weeks in Seoul. I also  left some recommendations in case you are thinking of going there too! Hope y'all like!

Cultural sights of Seoul and Laura enjoying her touring time between the beautiful walls of traditional Korean palace. 
Native girls in their traditional attire Hanbok posing for the camera.
Ajumma selling Jipangi cane ice cream on the street. Didn't try this one out, but it gives us a reason to come back, right?
Dress on top trend is super popular in Korea.
Traditional Korean masks were noticed in the souvenir shop in Insadong.
Native girls wearing pink Hanbok 
My favorite Korean traditional dish Bibimbap 비빔밥 aka mixed rice.
Street musician  in Haeundae, Busan.
We had reached the geographical center of Seoul. In N Seoul Tower.
Our favorite Korean bingsu 팥빙수 aka shaved ice dessert in Sulbing dessert cafe. Must visit!
Eating traditional rice cakes.
The view that you meet coming out of Busan Station.
We always ate Gyeranppang 계란빵 aka Egg Bread at Myeongdong. Street food here won't leave you disappointed.  
The view coming out of Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan.
Big bowls are what we are going to miss about South Korea.
Aren't they lovely?
Native fashionistas caught our eye on the streets of Seoul.
Fresh fruit snacks to keep you refreshed on a hot summer day in Dongdaemun, Seoul.
Love seeing young people wearing their traditional attires with a kickass pair of sneakers.
Banana Tree 바나나 트리 Cafe. Come to Korea just to try their banana and expresso pudding cakes in flower pots and don't miss a drink with a cotton candy on top.

Can't get enough of the view from the N Seoul Tower.
To try more flavours, we visited Japanese restaurant Dango Jib in Sangsu, Seoul. There we had our first traditional Onigiri with Japanese dessert Dango. Delicious!!
Let me guess. You weren't ready for this. Well, this is what happens when two blondes get to wear something ultra cooool. You can see Eva in her Empress suit and me as a Gisaeng at the Drama Cafe, Gangnam. 


  1. I love these images! I cannot wait to go there one day! Very nice post Laura

  2. Such beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee


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