Today I feel like bragging about some new goodies that I've got from Maybelline New York and L'Oréal Paris. I've been using some of the products since the end of summer, so today I can tell you my favorite ones and how special they've become in my daily make up routine. 

Let's begin with the most important and definitely my favorite foundation from Maybelline which really has made my mornings so much easier. I often had a hard time matching foundation to my skin tone and even a harder time blending everything without leaving weird patches on my face. But Fit Me Matte&Poreless foundation is very easy to blend and by mixing number 105 and number 120 I get that exact color which matches my skin perfectly. Another thing that makes it more special to me is that it's matte and is good for skin that tends to get oily. Thank god, my forehead and my cheeks no longer reflect the light.

Second favorite product from Maybelline is definitely their Baby Lips hydrating lip balm. I like how both of them have different scents. Currently I'm using the mint one, which leaves a really soft mint touch and has a cooling effect. Totally love this one!

And there's something that I can't live without- lipsticks. And those matte and liquid matte from Maybelline are something you need to try. For autumn I choose more nude colours or dark brown/violet shades. The liquid ones perfectly give that chic glam to your look during the day and the standard matte ones are there to make you stand out at night. Love it and I won't even speak about that mesmerizing scent that they have!

I have to say L'Oréal introduced me to highlighting and I swear- I've never owned a highlighter until they sent me one. I'm currently using their True Match Highlight pink pallete which consists of three different shade, by mixing them all you can pull off a really nice natural look. It's always in my purse in case I need that extra glow for my night out look. 


  1. I personally love and prefer Maybelline as a high street brand as I find the colours more matching to my skin tone and find Loreal's foundations very orange for paler skin tones! Loving your collection x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  2. so obsessed with the colours. Love all of the new range. Need to get my hands on these.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3


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