Not so many days left until I have to pack my bags and move out of my cozy home in Seoul. The time here had become even more precious, so we really had to decide carefully on how to spend our last days in this beautiful capital. 

So what about a tea party in Insadong? Insadong is the best region to go if you want to know the Korean culture and traditions. Back in the day, it was a place of study for painters. Today you can still see that Insadong is the center for the arts. There are lots of stores selling folk Korean goodies to buy as souvenirs like traditional clothing, pottery, crafts, teas and sweets that are easily accessible on the streets. 

So frankly speaking, we couldn't think of a better place to have our first traditional tea time in Seoul. And we even found the restaurant that specializes in Korean traditional sweets! I ordered cinnamon tea and my sister sticked to the boring choco latte, but regretted that later. Check the shots below! By the way, I was wearing my new flare jeans that I'd got in Seoul, what do you think of this look? 

I was wearing:

Tally Weijl top
Boohoo sandals
Other items are bought in Seoul


  1. Great outfit dear, love it <3


  2. Super:) xx


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