There's nothing like being lost in the city you don't know. Wandering through the narrow streets, without any clue where you are, makes me realize that nothing compares to the feeling of this freedom when you make your own decisions and set destinations. 

We finally reached Busan, a large port city in South Korea, which shows completely different colours of this country. We continued our journey of exploring after one day of complete relaxation in our lively neighborhood near Haeundae beach. For the second day in Busan we made a plan to visit Gamcheon Cultural Village, yet a route to this one didn't go well as expected. We got lost.

As I mentioned before, the feeling of being lost in unfamiliar place is admirable. You always tend to get into unexpected situations, find your way out, turn wrong way again, you are forced to make contact with local people. And this is how you learn. I'm so deeply glad that all of this happened to me and my sister on our way to Gamcheon Village. 

In this article I'm sharing shots that we took on our way to the village and after that. Hope y'all like! And I think you already noticed the freakin cool stuff that i'm wearing. Yep yep, I got them all in Seoul!

I was wearing:

Top, beret from Style Nanda
Pants, bag and choker bought in Hongdae, Seoul


  1. You look awesome!
    Perfect bag and culottes **,

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  2. Great outfit, love the tee, casual and very chic. And really lovely, quaint location ;) You look lovely, dear!

    The Flower Duet

  3. Perfect♥ xx


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