Trying on Hanbok has been on my list for years. I find the Korean traditional attire really artsy and beautiful in so many ways. So I'm super proud that I pushed myself to wear it in one of the craziest cafes in Seoul. Did I say cafe? Yep, indeed! 

Drama Cafe is the place where you can try on different costumes, wedding dresses, traditional Korean clothes, take photos with them on the prepared set and when drink your coffee. Sounds pretty cool, right? We could have done the shoot in an open place, perhaps somewhere near the old palace or the great monument, because they do rent the pieces there too. However, the cafe environment sounded cozy and just looked like a better alternative. Plus, now I can tick this place in my cafes-to-go list. 


  1. Amazing photos!

  2. Wow you look gorgeous. You totally nailed this. :) Hope to hear from you soon! x

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance


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