When you are staying in one of the most popular summer destinations in South Korea, the least thing you want to do is go to bed early. In this lively but slow-paced district you learn to live with sand in your clothes an saltwater in your hair. You learn to enjoy the current moment and move with the flow. The place gave me a lot of nostalgic feelings as it reminded me a lot of my old days in Palanga, which is the seaside resort town in my motherland Lithuania. Relaxing atmosphere makes you slow down and enjoy the moment more and more. That's exactly what makes Busan different from the hectic Seoul in my eyes. 

Yesterday started like our any other day in Busan. We kicked off the day working on our tans on the beach, enjoying fresh coconut milk, from time to time jumping in the sun-heated water. After couple of hours we already stood in the queue to get the tickets for Busan Aquarium. But I'll talk about that experience a bit later. For the evening entertainment, it's always a good idea to explore more of the district. One thing that we love to do at first but get tired of later is looking for unique and authentic restaurants and coffee shops. Usually we always end up eating traditional Korean food that we are so deeply in love with because of its fresh taste and cheap price. 

For yesterday's strolling on the street I chose my new striped top that I bought in Seoul, frayed skirt from Missguided and fringes, fringes, more fringes. Check the shots of my look for night out in Haeundae below! And, yeah, tomorrow I'll be reporting from Seoul again. See you, folks!

I was also wearing:

Mohito bag
Boohoo jacket 
Deichmann shoes


  1. Love your skirt. It looks so cute on you!



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