There's one place every foreigner must visit while staying in Seoul. The place is called Cat Cafe, located in Myeongdong region, where you can order your coffee and make new furry friends. Sounds interesting, right? Well, me and sister decided to visit this unique cafe so we could make a cool report on blog, ok, I'm lying, it wasn't only for the article, we went there for cats and for cool pictures with them. We love animals, so drinking coffee with some cuties around sounded like a lot of fun. Check the shots below and find out more about our experience. 

For the first minutes, everything seemed so cool. Imagine, you enter the cafe and the first thing you see is the little furry ones playing everywhere, sleeping on every corner. I naturally became amused and wanted to pet every cat in that cafe and just to add, Eva is not a cat person but she loved it there too. However, after we finished drinking our coffees and taking pictures, things got a bit boring. So to be totally honest, the place was only for new experience, I wouldn't go there regularly. I think, the place is perfect for the younger ones or for mommies who want a calm talk over coffee with their girlfriends, while kids would be distracted by kitties. 


  1. You look amazing

    Love Vikee

  2. That is such an interesting concept! You are right probably the vibe is less for the youngsters looking for a lively social scene!


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