Oh how much I've waited for this day. I've always been interested in Korean culture, so getting to know it more personally was my initial goal when I came in Seoul. And what a better way to do it than visiting the old traditional Korean village Bukchon Hanok. The old houses really made me feel like I was walking in an old dynasty. Once there lived the high-ranking government officials and nobility of 600-year-old Korea, today you can find here various workshops, guesthouses and lines of tourists trying to take a picture.

Speaking of my look, I felt like it was the perfect day to wear my first outfit that I bought in Korea. I'd noticed that it's super trendy here to layer tops with playsuits or dresses, so I tried it too. I really like how the colour of this match played well with the theme. For the final touch, gladiator heels and captivating handbag. Let me know what you think!

I was wearing:

Playsuit and top bought in Hongdae, Seoul
Playnomore bag (not original, but I still love it!)
Missguided heels


  1. You looks amazing!

  2. In my opinion your outfit is so good ( again ), haha:DD xx

  3. What a lovely look. That bag is amazing.

  4. So amazing look, I like it.


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