At first blush, this may look like a SEB commercial, however, I assure you that's not really the case. This article is about my second look that was born after my collaboration with Danish brand Claire (check the 1st look here). As some of us know, living in Lithuania can get a bit troublesome when it comes to styling your office outfit. Here, weather  is always unpredictable and in most cases is not very friendly. So due to quick temperature change dressing for work can feel a bit uninspired. 

This second preppy kind of look from Claire is what inspired me to take on this topic and help you answer this recurring question 'what to wear to work?'. I'm here to suggest some cool easy ways to get a work-appropriate look for summer season. Are you ready to take style to work? Keep reading!

Perhaps the reason why I adore the office wear so much is that it's all about sharp silhouettes and  timeless pieces which are cool, sexy and makes you instantly look more confident. And yeah I have to admit, even with all of this taken to account, sometimes it's just hard to recycle your same workwear without getting boring. Don't you agree? That's why, my loves, there's always your weekend sweaters, jackets or cardigans that you can count on. That add layers, more colours, more attitude to step your game up.

One of my favorite piece to add to an office-friendly outfit is a striped cardigan and if it's boiling outside the window, you can wear it on your shoulders and just don't forget to roll your sleeves and undo a few buttons on your shirt . For a more relaxed approach, you can always throw on your favorite cardigan that makes you feel comfortable and warm when weather temperature suddenly drops. 

Find Claire in LT:  PC "Europa", II floor (Vilnius). 
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  1. Love the contrast between the preppy outfit and the edgy shoes, so good! Xx

  2. I love love how you changed this look up with just the sweaters. Your style is absolutely amazing Laura!!!

  3. I love these clothes and their design. I hope that i can have one.

  4. Nice outfit outfit! I really like that cosy grey cardigan, perfect for the cold air-con in the office! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Ok you are seriously gorgeous! I think that the office is so hard to dress for, but you're looks are so stylish! I really like how you've draped the stripe piece across your shoulders

    Rachel xxx

  6. Amazing office outfit dear!! Have a lovely weekend, xx

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  7. I've been needing some office outfit ideas and the weather is pretty much the in the UK! Loving the jumper x
    Maya Not Mya

  8. Great style!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  9. Lovely outfit, love the sandals.

  10. You look amazing x

  11. Very stylish, sophisticated and classy. You look beautiful!

    Love, Lindsey

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  13. I love both the knit cardigan and the stripes, but I must admit the stripes definitely make the outfit stand out more. Adore those shoes too and adds an unexpected element to this office look. xoxo, Christine

  14. Wonderful look, love the way you mix classic pants and risky sandals!

    -xx, Sia

  15. I love your outfit! Those sandals are gorgeous.

  16. I like the light blue shirt, it's a versatile piece that looks good with anything.

  17. Very beautiful looks, your pants looks so comfortable! :)

  18. Great outfit! :)


  19. Such beautiful looks, Laura!
    Have an awesome new week!

  20. Lovely outfit, this look is soo cool!
    new post

  21. nailed it!


  22. Great styling! Love it girl. Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week!
    Much love, Len

  23. Such a stunning look! Perfect for the office!

    Adi xx

  24. I must say you are super beautiful and gorgeous. Loving the super peppy outfit along with the shoes. Lovely styling and wonderful. Have a nice day...:)

  25. I love both the looks. My fav is the striped one. But the colours are just too fab and I cannot take my eyes off.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3


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