Yesterday was all about exploring...and yeah shopping as well... In the morning it was gloomy and rainy, but we still insisted on trying a refreshing bingsu (shaved ice dessert). Later we moved to Namdaemun to check the largest and oldest traditional market in Korea which dates back to 1414. We took some pictures there of local traders and various shops. The most exciting and mind-blowing part for me was the Great South Gate that we easily spotted after we had come out of the market. We also showed just on time for the guards ceremony. Good to feel a tourist again.

Later that day, we decided to head to the Myeongdong direction which is really popular among younger people as there can be found a lot of beauty and clothing shops. And actually, even if you don't necessarily buy anything, you still won't come home empty-handed, because after or before visiting any store you get free samples and teasers. Now I'm having a hard time counting all the face masks that I received. Another reason, why I like this region is that it has a relaxing vibe. A big selection of varying restaurants, little cafes and a lot of stands with delicious street food lined up on the street. The narrow streets filled with the stylish native people and Korean music playing in a background really makes you feel like you are in a different world. 

I chose to wear the same skirt from the previous day. I'll be honest with you, I arrived to Korea only with a few bottom pieces, thinking that I'll buy other clothes here in Seoul. Well, I'm still looking for my future outfits. For now, enjoy my It Girl kind of look consisting of a pink top, denim skirt and golden jewelry from Crazy Factory!

I was wearing:

Claire top
Missguided skirt
Adidas shoes
Crazy Factory earrings and jewelry 
Mohito bag


  1. Love love the skirt, and beautiful photos!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Nice look:) xx

  3. Love the pictures! and great skirt, Korea sounds awesome :)

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