Want to know my secret elixir for a happy day? It's a mixture of a lace dress and happy shoes. Yes, highlight the word shoes because they are very important here. 

Let's be totally honest, when it's boiling hot outside, the last thing we want to wear is a fancy schmancy tight skirt and elegant blouse that is sticking to your skin, yikes! Even though that's my favorite combo for the summer, I still couldn't bring myself to wear it. For a fine hot day like this, which makes me smile from ear to ear and you know just how much I smile in my photos, (mostly) never, I opt for something mid-length, spacious and girly (I think laces are pretty girly). The most important here are my shoes! I believe every trendy chic should own a color-changing pair, because it's super positive, makes you feel happy just by looking at it.  

That day we were shooting like crazy, look after look. My archive is about to explode you guys! Wait for them all on blog and I'm always hoping to see you next day. See ya!

I was wearing:

Shoes from Deichmann
Mohito purse
Sister's dress and I swear I didn't steal it. (I don't know where she got it from)


  1. I love your outfit your dress is just gorgeous and you're so pretty x

  2. Gorgeous dress - and those heels are so fun! You look gorgeous!

  3. What a gorgeous dress girl, The color of it is just wonderful! The shoes are so fabulous and I love how it changes color!

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  4. How pretty is that dress! And I am loving those heels too!

  5. Nice:) xx


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