Had a really hard morning getting transferred from Helsinki to Incheon and then Seoul. The journey was long and tiring, so after my arrival to the city I felt jet lagged and looked like a zombie. However, the thought that I'm finally in Seoul kept me alive and excited. I couldn't believe that I was here already, looking at these hyper-modern skyscrapers. What a moment it was!
After I checked in my amazing apartment in Seoul through Airbnb, I took a shower which woke me up a little and instead of catching up on my lost sleep we decided to explore the famous nearest region Hongdae which is known for its urban arts, indie music culture and entertainments. We just strolled the streets which were covered with shopping stands and little authentic restaurants, where we got to taste our first kimchi pancake by the way. We still haven't tried any street food yet, but we are really looking forward to that. Need to admit, that food culture here is freaking awesome and I promise you guys to show you some of that too. But first, my first day's look and the shots of some cool Hongdae corners. Trust me, you want to see them!
By the way, want to add that I'm wearing one of my newest chokers from Crazy Factory. All the cute shiny details on it really matched my outfit and made it even more chic and fun. You can get it here!

I was wearing:
Tally Weijl top
Missguided skirt 
Crazy Factory choker
Mohito bag
Boohoo shoes


  1. Great post and beautiful look!

  2. wow! Kaip po jetlag tai puikiai atrodai :D :*

  3. Really like your style dear! Love that skirt!



  4. Gorgeous photos! I love the colorful corners you found and photographed in front of. Seoul has been on my list of destinations to travel - it looks absolutely beautiful!

    Kaylyn Nicole

  5. Hi dear and thank you for your visit! Seoul seems a really marvelous place and you had a perfect outfit. I love so much this combination!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
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  6. Beautiful pictures and love your outfit!

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