In this article I'm sharing with you my moments from Magnum #ReleaseTheBeast event which took place in Vilnius in May. We showed up just on time for the show, even though we were one hour late...Sometimes it happens. All we missed was a normal photo on the carpet haha. 

We had an amazing time discovering all the masterpieces of the night which all represented the same idea: release the beast. There were illustrations by three different authors and clothing lines by three, my favorite, Lithuanian designers. And as I've put here some pictures (source: Magnum) of these creations, what do you think? Did authors release the beast? 

My favorite dress was definitely by Agnė Kuzmickaitė. She definitely nailed it this time with her sophisticated dresses that clearly translates the message. Other designers did also pretty well with those wild prints, sequins and flowy light materials. Just had an idea that is totally absurd to be true, but all that put together would make a really great couture show, don't you think? 

Sadly, there's no pictures of illustrators' works that were simply amazing. I couldn't be more proud of my friend Akvilė Lesauskaitė who was one of the three illustrators. You can still find some pictures of the exhibition on By the way, have to thank Magnum for the amazing night in Vilnius and for letting me taste the most delicious ice cream on this whole planet! 

Illustrators Akvilė Magicdust, Akvilė Lesauskaitė, Nomeda Marčėnaitė

Designers Egidijus Rainys, Lilija Larionova, Agnė Kuzmickaitė

Dress by Agnė Kuzmickaitė


  1. This white dress is amazing♡♡

  2. Beautiful pictures
    You look gorgeous

    Love Vikee


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