On last Thursday evening me and sister were so happy to celebrate one of the biggest days for perfumery concept store Scent Bar- it's 3rd anniversary! My sincere wishes goes to you, Scent Bar and I hope you will do just as fine in the future as you were doing up until this point. Now let's get into little talks with me about this whole magical experience and for readers who are not aware of what is this store about, let me explain you at this moment. 

Scent Bar is a perfumery store, where you won't find any boring scent that you may find basically in every random store on the street. Unlikely other shops, this perfumery store is known for its unique and different taste in perfume. They are selling world famous brands from France, Italy and Denmark. But what I find most engaging is that they also contribute to spreading popularity of Lithuanian products like "Odor Paradisi by Kaciuniskes Manor", "Lietuvos kvapas" or Freshdeli candles. 

With that being said, we could feel how different and special in certain way Scent Bar was during the evening where the mesmerizing Malia Nobile 1942 perfume was sprayed on all guest.
 The idea behind this perfume was told afterwards. Malia tells story about a seductive, insidious witch who knew how to play with good and evil. It's indeed a magical scent and once you spray this perfume, it's like you put a magical spell. Let's be real, we all have a small witch hiding in us. 

It was an amazing Thursday evening sharing these special moments with people who were all united by one amazing occasion. I just have to mention how cool was mentalism artist Nicholas Kin who gave us all goosebumps by his mind-blowing show. Once again, I was fascinated by the scent of Malia and its magical witchcraft story. Lastly and most importantly, it was such a pleasure to witness 3rd birthday of Scent Bar. Special thanks to J.V Photography for the following shots.You can read more on or

Scent Bar Concept Store address:
 PC Hyper Maxima, Savanorių pr.255 Kaunas

Mentalism artist Nicholas Kin
Singer Ingrida Kazlauskaitė, model Radvilė Labutytė and dancer Sandra Kniazevičiūtė on the right
Awesome Instagram addict skills


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