My old good see-through lace jersey shirt or dress (that's a long name) and pink classy pants became my outfit for GUESS presentation in Vilnius. Make sure you read the post here!

In recent days I've been very passive about shopping clothes because I'm saving my money and let's say I started to be more creative and improvise with what I already have. So that really put me in different situations when I have to make my small wardrobe into a bigger one. Somehow. For example, I bet you didn't realize that my lace top in the photos is originally a beach dress. Well, now you know. 

I usually look deeper into my closet for old good stuff like this summer jersey dress that looks more like a beach cover-up and I match them with fresher pieces like pastel classy pants and fur coat. I love to make more uses of clothes than they really have.

And you should too. Don't just throw your clothes away because they are out of fashion or too old to wear. You can still make a use of them. In some occasions they will even become the dominant piece in your outfit. 

I was wearing:

Romwe jersey dress
Missguided pants
Zara heels
Mohito bag
Shein fur coat


© Laura Macij
Maira Gall