If I were to name the piece of art of the month it would definitely be H&M CONSCIOUS collection which will be in stocks on 7th April in approximately 180 stores worldwide. Anyway, perhaps you wonder why something like that was just called a masterpiece out of a sudden. Simply, the first look at the pieces presented in Pirklių Klubas, was quite shocking to me, I couldn't believe they were actually created by H&M, because they just didn't seem to have that familiar H and M vibe that their clothes usually have. 

I rarely talk about collections themselves. Most of the times, couple of adjectives and two sentences are enough to describe my thoughts on clothing. However, this time 'amazing' and 'awesome' says nothing about how I felt discovering the new Conscious collection. Maybe it's the fact that this collection translates historical fashion into modernized attires makes me so obsessed about the line. And as much as I'm into cultural, authentic and genuine things, I couldn't skip anything from this exclusive collection and even pushed myself to find a darker corner to try on one or two combos from the line on the spot (the look will be posted in no time).

Getting back to my first idea, I think it is important to point out that the inspiration  came from the decorative arts museum in Paris which also helped to address past and future trends. You can find famous and timeless artworks by Caravaggio or Botticelli digitally printed on the garments. It's impossible to not feel a fashion history in these fabrics.  

Here's a short lookbook on H&M CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE 2016 and my curious moments from the presentation.


© Laura Macij
Maira Gall