Sometimes I'm so happy about my past activities when I was just starting as a model. I was signed at the model agency when I was 13 and started attending catwalk lessons which, honestly speaking, didn't go smooth to me. At that time, everything seemed very exciting, but I felt like the effort I put didn't have any results. I was attending fashion shows here and there and realized that modeling wasn't my thing. So I continued modeling on my own and stopped pushing myself to attend as many castings as I can. I realized modeling is just a fun hobby and I didn't have to do it purposely. However, these days, I've been asked to model from time to time and it's always an honor for me. I still can't call it a passion, but because of it I'm able to observe the event from multiple perspectives and that was one of the goals.  

I remember that time, when Deichmann invited us to model for their press conference. Of course, they didn't mention at that time that dressing off in front of the audience was included in the task. Anyway, speaking of the conference. I've hardly been to any before. Well, at least not as a model. We were sitting behind a media wall and focused on what was happening on the other side of it: one of my most favorite women around, entertainment goddess, stylist Indrė Stonkuvienė from Style Support introduced everyone to latest shoes trends after representative from Deichmann gave a speech about the research done on the Lithuanian people's habits on wearing and buying shoes. Sounds interesting, huh?

Our looks were also created by I. Stonkuvienė who was commenting and giving descriptions to our looks while we were changing clothes with my sister. The idea behind it was that it is so easy to transit one style to completely different and especially for the busy women who don't necessarily have to take forever dressing up. If you are interested, you can watch our video revealing us preparing for the conference. (Article and video on ELAIMA)


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