It's time for my favorite travel diary article, exposing all 24 hours I spent in London. If you are my insta follower, you may know that I was in London back in March only for one full day. To be honest, I truly have never had this short and awesome and highly productive one day stay as we kicked off the day at 8 am visiting Middlesex university and ended up going about 22 km while touring the best London sights till the night came. Awesome, huh?

So about 20 undergraduate students from different cities of Lithuania were so lucky to win this amazing two days travel organized by whose original purpose was to visit and look around faculties of Middlesex university. So we did from the early morning. Hopefully, we were welcomed with a hot coffee, that we had been craving for all morning, and delicious pastries with berries and fruits. Honestly speaking, from the beginning I wasn't expecting much of this visit, however it really turned out great and I strongly believe that it was that fancy unexpected breakfast that changed my mood and enthusiasm for the day (breakfast is indeed a very important meal). 

I enjoyed the university check, but my favorite part was a tour in London centre. We came across the famous London tourist attractions. In fact, my old time readers will know that I've already been to London city. However, the shots weren't so great and there were too little of them to make you interested. Fortunately, this time I have more prepared and this post is all about the beautiful London and its sights. I hope you will like the shots! (Photos by Emilija Turbaite). 

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