March has been one of the most productive months so far. Perhaps because I can't say no to some of the job opportunities and give myself some spare time. Well, at the moment I don't want to skip any available fashion related job or event. This type of hectic lifestyle makes me forget about the time, and this is exactly what makes me feel better about this exam period, I know that time will fly with a speed of light and all those school hardships will be over soon. 

Anyway, what's new, guys? Speaking of myself, I'd been invited to photograph beauty salon opening evening witch took place in the Old Town. I couldn't decline, even though I had a meeting all day long and was super tired, craving for my bed. The good this was that once I entered the cozy I'Lashes Academy, the welcoming mood woke me up a little bit. Or maybe because there was a plate of Macaroons, who knows. 

I had a great time, even though I was working there all the time. Only then I returned home, the heavy tiredness came back. (I bet some of you have already seen my tired face afterwards on snap). Anyway, I was ensured that where are good people, there is a great time. No regrets. Before going to sleep, check the shots. Don't get cold! Spring weather is unpredictable. 

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