I assume that March is officially the most productive month of the year. Seriously guys, it was not a joke. I remember having a morning conference in Vilnius and, afterwards, me rushing to Kaunas for another evening event. That was crazy. And let's not forget the blogging part. Sad, I can't afford an assistant.

And now to my outfit. So put yourself in my shoes and answer me the question, what would you wear to and elegant evening if you were super tired and couldn't bare a thought of wearing high heels? My answer is right here: super comfy slash elegant outfit which has two advantages: you are comfy and if you aren't the most classy human being there in a place, you are definitely the most unique, raw and genuine. I won't say weird, because most people are afraid of that word (let's take it in account though).

In the situation that I was in, I was down to wearing a sporty (a little bit revealing but that's ok) hoodie and a long skirt which is an elegant piece, but you feel good wearing it. Of course, I replaced high heels with my new Deichmann sneakers and I don't even need to bother explaining why I wore everything white. Like, who would take me seriously if I wore bright pink or whole rainbow palette. They would probably think I entered the wrong party. You know what I mean.

The most important part in this 'tired but still want to look good' outfit is jewelry and accessories. Here is the right time to experiment and sometimes go extra mile crazy. In my case, I found my new fake septum from Crazy Factory super appropriate and intriguing. I was certain that nobody would wear anything like that and I will score more bonus for my uniqueness.

I hope this article will help you with your outfit for special occasions that comes when you are unprepared or just tired but still want to stand out. Check my other shots, and some pieces I picked for you to get a similar look!

Moments from the fancy evening ,,Atspindžiai'' with live music and wine in Daugirdas Hotel: G. Ramutytė exhibition and  designer Salvinija Sotničenkienė and scarves designer Viktorija Baronienė collab show. Source:


  1. You look beautiful
    Stunning ensemble

    Love Vikee

  2. Love your style and cool outfit! You looks perfect!

  3. super:) xx

  4. You look gorgeous! :)


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