Not too long ago we had an awesome evening in Vilnius, because it was Friday and it was Polhem PR press day. For all those, who don't know what that is, it's the place where some trending items are displayed for press in order for them to get an actual idea of spring trends. Sounds interesting? Scroll for more!

 I was really happy for a chance to discover some cool goodies, which are about fill up the stores in Lithuania and other countries, along with other Lithuanian bloggers and press representatives of major fashion magazines in Lithuania. To be more detailed, I couldn't step away from the sunglasses stands, you may know if you watched my Snapchat. It may look really unprofessional, but just know that this is how fashion bloggers enjoy their time, okay? Well, enough for jokes.

 Speaking of enjoyments, the atmosphere was super great. We loved the place filled with cool and awesome people, who share the same interests. And most of all, we love to have a talk with everybody from time to time. For the last sentence, need to mention how good those one-bite appetizers were. Cheese ball on macaroon, really? Who invented this recipe? 

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