This is something that had to be shared before Christmas, obviously... The thing is, I even doubted posting it on my blog, since it was one of those personal moments in my life and all the busy people who gathered, came to this close evening party to relax, forget their work and just enjoy the moment. So did I. However, you are like my soulmates...(However, it's as if you're my soulmates...Because if you didn't like what I do, you wouldn't come here. I'm sure, we are pretty similar since you also have interest in fashion) and you have the right to know what happened that one super warm and joyful evening.

Kristina, who is also a very admirable woman, my role-model, whom I had to work with in so many projects, had invited me to this small and close gathering along with her other friends and coworkers set in old town of Kaunas. Was such a honor to share that moment together with everyone, recalling every project we had worked on. I feel like I didn't express my gratitude enough to her back then, so I am saying here in this article that if it weren't for her, now you wouldn't read half of these posts coming from our fascinating fashion and social events. I had so many good memories and priceless experiences, I am really thankful! 


  1. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  2. Gorgeous post! :)

  3. Pre Christmas event, Sounds just great! Thanks my friend for sharing this interesting post. I am going to attend a summer party this weekend at one of popular event venues in LA. Feeling eager to be there with my friends!


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