Two days ago I got back on track and took on modeling once again. Cannot lie, I do love walking on a runway and bring my nostalgic feelings to life from time to time. However, the event that I took part in wasn't all about latest LOULU ET TU fashion line. Last Friday was a major day for Rotary Kaunas clubs which gathered the members to the Rotary International 111 year celebration held in Raudonvaris Castle where we got to do a fashion show. You can check more photos from the event here.

Couldn't wish for a better time, place and public to rock the runway wearing those fascinating LOULU ET TU brand clothes. It seemed like a big deal to me since the place was filled with people and the event itself was quite a thing. However, since you have your gurls behind your back, you know, it's time to have fun and enjoy yourself. I can't wait till the next show already!

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  1. You look stunning
    Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee


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