When spring is on the corner, time to take a look in one exclusive, very springish event that was on my schedule until two days ago. H&M never failed to surprise bloggers. They know exactly how to create a good atmosphere that bloggers would like: gather us in a really unique place, if it looks like a greenhouse- just know the craziest it looks the more we will like it (Panama Food Garden kind of reminds me of Rooftop Garden despite some individual differences. Either way, it gave me a whole new experience). Almost forgot to mention delicious and good-looking snacks for us to take some cool instapics and most importantly- let us get a peek at the latest Studio collection.

Regarding the collection, two words that came up into my mind when I saw it, was- boho and fresh. Bright textures made me fall in love with this line from the first sight. It is clear that this coming summer we are getting even more hippie than we were last year. And whether you agree with me or not, it's up to you- here are some pictures for your judgement. You will be able to shop this collection on 25 February!

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