My ideal morning? Mhm... I would say Crème brûlée with a hot cup of cappuccino. That is actually what I had experienced two days ago. Restaurant Gralis had prepared us small-sized desserts and made our stay there more welcoming. The most exciting part was a presentation downstairs: beautiful and elegant models wearing exquisite wedding dresses which made my heart melt. Models were just posing in front of me. And these type of fashion presentations are, for sure, more attractive since you can talk with a model, feel the material and all other details from a shorter distance.

I had a hard time thinking what I should wear for a fashion breakfast. I had never experienced meeting everyone in the morning, so I didn't really know what to wear on such occasion. Well, it can't be your night out attire for sure. In the end I just went with my Zara long-neck blouse and classic palazzo pants. Classy, comfy and always appropriate! 

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