Guys, guess where I was last weekend! I think there's no need to tell you since it's that obvious. I promised you before to tell some new stories and, well , I'm here with a totally new experience that I had in Vilnius last Sunday. 

The awesome Deichmann team, who I am currently working with, gave us an opportunity to watch the x Factor performances from the first row as well as explore the backstage and have a chat with the amazing performers. Well, the reason of this was to make a report about what style and stage looks the artists prefer themselves, of course a short clip of our experiences (witch you can watch in this article) was included in the assignment as well. But forget the work! Someone had a really fun time!

Let's begin with saying that I'd never watched x Factor live before this chance came and as this was my first time seeing performances and on top of that meeting all the artists in person, you may imagine just how much excited and even more nervous I was. As expected, evening ran smoothly, without any embarrassment, well just some, and now I have some cool memories to share with you, sweeties. Scroll below and enjoy! 

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  1. Great post
    You look amazing

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