Guys... How much I am in love with sequins, it's like a major trend that has continued going around from our New Years Eve gowns or maybe a lot earlier. And here's a new combo with these leggings from my summertime if you can remember. Looks pretty mysterious in a good way, almost vamp-glam with flower pattern and some leather on top. You know just how crazy in love I am with experimenting here and there.

As it got super cold here in Lithuania and it became almost impossible to take photos outside, we tried looking for alternative place to shoot. Weather was pretty much of the reason why we shooted in one of the fanciest hotels in Lithuania at the end. Well, I think you didn't even noticed the hotel part. But let's be honest you didn't miss the leggings. 

I'm wearing:

Robert Kalinkin leggings
Zefyras dress
The Dark necklace

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