Speaking of winter wardrobe essentials, people living in Lithuania, where temperature degrees usually fall to -20°C, knows that there is no way without putting on layers of sweaters or getting yourself one big and furry coat. I prefer the second more! And I guess many of you have already seen my very pink, unique, adorable, pink, furry coat which is, by the way, to die for and which I can call my biggest winter possession.  

That day was freezing cold (excuse my red nose or frozen fingers). We still insisted on shooting outside, because we got tired from those indoor shots. I miss those old days from two or three years ago, when we were so bold and no matter how freezing it was outside,we took our coats off, just to take some shots of that sweater. My old self can be so motivating...

Getting back to the topic, most of the shots we took that day are close-ups. We were looking for ways to make this post kind of different from my other posts. At the end I just went with close-ups of my face or my new set of rings from Crazy Factory, the brand which I am currently obsessed with. They made me fall in love with  jewelry again. 


© Laura Macij
Maira Gall