First of all I want to say Happy New Year, guys! I'm going to start a new year not with my annual resolution post as I always did. These past weeks of celebrations turned things upside down for me. I almost forgot to share one amazing project that I had with Tryon team back then in 2015. So today I prepared a quick article about the shoot that we styled together with my sister.

Imagination always helps to come up with cool outfit ideas, but it's also useful when you feel like you don't have enough clothes. Just stop for a minute and think. Your closet is your own experiment zone. Try adding one thing on another, matching textures and materials you thought would never go along together. Create your thing. You don't need any ideas from the internet, because you are the idea. 

That is basically what we had in mind while doing this photo shoot. Because we kind of got tired of being models all the time, we invited amazing Simona to participate in this project and be our model of the day. For not a professional model, she did a good job! I hope you like the shots as much as I do. Original article on .

Photo: Dainius Ščiuka 
Makeup: Eglė Sofija Inokaitytė 
Clothes: Urmas, Closte Clothes 
Model: Simona 
Style by: Eva and Laura


  1. I love this photoshot you and your sister styled together...and this model is a beauty!!!! phenomenal clothes and styling too.

    I didn't made any NY resolutions this year, I just want to learn how to let go.

  2. Your styling is genius, genuinely, when I saw the first photo, I thought it was from a magazine.

    The Flower Duet

  3. Laura, this is an amazing post--beautiful styling and incredible photographs.

    Xoxo, Shelly

  4. Such great styling
    Happy new year

    Love Vikee


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