BEST OF 2015

I closed the year of 2015 with the biggest smile on my face, recalling every exciting, challenging and emotional step I had taken along the way. It gave me the happiest moments of my life and priceless lessons. I had a blast. It's not the first time I say this, but this year was truly not a joke. 

Just how much of a goal-oriented person I am and how many plans I have already set for 2016, I certainly need some self-motivation to push myself towards new goals. I annually do this post on my blog to summarize my all accomplishments. This remind me just how much impact on my life has my own determination and willingness to take action. 

This year was special because I had my first travel with sister and friend. I travelled to Fuerteventura, Rapallo and not too long ago Paris.Once more, it made me realize how much I enjoy visiting new places and recording everything on my blog. One of the most meaningful year collaborations were the one with Closte Clothes boutique and the most stylish Lithuanian blog Both helped me to improve so much and get my blog to the whole another level. I'd never worked so much on what I really loved, and even if it was nerve-wracking at times I was able to make it through this year in this quality and with even better plan for the next year. 

I want to thank you, all my loyal readers, who witnessed all my ups and downs. I hope to have your attention and this year, we gonna rock it! And now the best of 2015:

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  1. Gorgeous photos,you have great sense of style! :)



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