Finally it's that time of the year! Hot chocolate and Christmas songs all day long! Do you feel the Christmas spirit?? Well, I do with the help of some vanilla flavoured candles and "Home Alone" series every weekend. That's how my December life is going.. This may sound pretty sad to all the fellows who enjoy their time walking in the old town around this time.

Unfortunately, because of my sore throat and running nose I haven't had a chance to explore the festive atmosphere yet. I've been at home for days studying or working on projects, that makes me miss the old days. These pictures were taken not that long ago though. We discovered this cafe on our way to classes. I thought it would make a really cool background for my first winter look post, because orange makes me think of Christmas a lot.

I was wearing a skirt from Asos and a sweater from Shein. Not sure if you noticed my new black fur coat that I've got from Shein. Slightly different from the one I had before. You can shop it here!


© Laura Macij
Maira Gall