Hi everyone! I hope you are having an amazing Friday evening. I finally got home and the first thing I wanted to do was to write on blog about my crazy week that I had. There is a lot to say, but I will leave some of the thing for my other upcoming posts, just to be more more detailed. I feel like Fridays are for the special posts and so I think that these shots that I took some time ago are perfect for today. 

Do you like brooches, guys? Gorgeous medals on top of that. Well, I've never liked it so much since I did this shoot with Brice Barrett. To be honest, I'd never own one before. So you can quite imagine how excited I was for this shoot. Medalika- the designer of these beauties, took medals to the next level. You can't imagine how cool I felt just to wear them.

All thanks to Olesia Les, who is always very nice and cooperative. I'm so happy I got to model at her fashion show before. Just to know her and work with her is such a pleasure. She is full of good ideas, I was so happy when she invited me to model for this studio shoot. I believed that medals and different style in general will bring a new concept to my blog. 

Make-up by Aida Kursiene
Hairstyle by Karolis Murauskas


  1. Oh gosh! How gorgeous are you!

  2. Fabulous pictures
    You look stunning

    Love Vikee

  3. Lovely post dear! Thanks for sharing) Have a great day))

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