As usual I am here with my traditional travel post, with all the warmest moments from my days in Paris. If you aren't following my Instagram posts than this is a great chance for you to see what a lovely stay I had there. And there's also a surprise video waiting for you below, so don't miss it. I would love to get your feedback!

We were so lucky to live in Montmartre which, I believe, is the heart of Paris. Authentic shops and cafes were right by our apartment, so I didn't have to walk miles to get a croissant or a cup of cappuccino. Well, that's basically what our mornings were like. In the afternoon we had plenty of time to do a little bit touring. Well for me, I've done a lot of touring since is my first time in Paris, I had so much to see. So rather than sitting somewhere and taking a rest, I was eager to see all the famous spots in Paris, which were Musée du Louvre, Champs-Élysées, Cathédrale Notre-Dame and La Seine and Eiffel Tower.

In the evenings we were looking for the most iconic cafes. Actually, before this trip I had watched a lot of movies which were set in Paris, so I would create an actual idea where I would like to go in Paris or which places are the most recommended. That's how we ended up in Angelina which is famous for its hot chocolate. This place had the most beautiful display and it certainly lived up to it's reputation. 

Last day, as expected, was the most magical one since we went to see Notre-dame Cathedral. We were enjoying the view, taking pictures for some time there and when it started to get dark we turned to Seine river. The view was astonishing, I couldn't breathe. My last moments in Paris were just perfect! 


© Laura Macij
Maira Gall