I've been so sure that this fall gonna be different ranging from the shades and colors of the leaves on the ground to trees, sky and me as well. Well, except for sky, everything changed as I thought. Or maybe it's just my mindset that changed. It's the first time I am so happy about autumn, I feel like it's the season which is perfect for late night walks, working, reading, tea times, more reading... I've never seen autumn this beautiful and fortunate. I feel like this post gonna have the most autumn vibes in it. 

We were just  heading home when we spotted this breath-taking view. Well, it may sound funny as it's just a white wall and a lot of leaves around, but from all the sights I've seen this autumn in Kaunas, this one is the most magical. I liked the colors a lot and I perfectly blended in with my nude dress...Eva took our camera out right away and we took some outfit shots there. Actually, we pass this street every time we head to our work, but it's the first time we noticed it and took photos there. 

It's hard to believe but Eva dressed me this time. She gave me this nude dress since she has so many she doesn't have enough time to try them all. So being kind and lovable sister that I am, I couldn't turn her down, so I did her a favor this once. On workdays it makes a good casual and comfy outfit.


  1. Stunning photos,as always. :)

  2. Wow, what an awesome look! That dress looks amazing on you and I just love the autumn scenery. Here it's already snowing!


  3. Gorgeous outfit, I love it!

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  4. Nice:) xx


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