I remember about last week, when I was so excited for a meet with designer Agne, who had invited bloggers to her fashion studio in Vilnius. As I had known Agne's label before, even got to wear some of her pieces which, for you guys to know, out of all Lithuanian brands are my favorite of the season, I was super excited to meet her in person. 

It had been raining constantly in Lithuania all week, so I was quite unsure about my trip to Vilnius, remember myself hoping for a weather change so bad. However, we were on the go and first we stopped across the coffee place. Guys, most of you would agree that coffee can fix any bad day, so after we spent some time enjoying our hot drinks, the time came to look for the Agne Fashion Studio. Hopefully, on these dark and rainy days I always find my way fast and easy. 

Agne welcomed us and made us feel like home. She is such a diligent and caring person. We were looking around her classy studio. Eva couldn't resist, so she tried fitting some of the pieces. (Oh and if you guys are interested, you can shop this brand in Closte Clothes boutique in Kaunas as well). During this meeting Agne introduced us to her autumn collection and told us some interesting stories about making all the leather details and textures. It was an amazing evening, now I don't regret coming to Vilnius at all. 


  1. Love the photos, looks like such a great experience!

    Anika |

  2. Coffee can make your mood! I love her studio. So minimal and chic. Thank you for the introduction!

  3. Lovely post, you look great!

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  4. Looks like a great event.
    Lovin those photo

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