Have you started looking for a perfect bag for fall season? If not, here are some picks for you straight from the runways!

Graphics by Laura Macij

Bottoms up! These days we carry a bag more comfortable. If there's no hole for your hand to get through, you grab the bottom!

Around your waist! Yep, my most favorite for this fall! It's always better to keep your things closer to yourself. 

Tote bags are everything for this season. If you don't own this big and wide bag, you can't say you are ready for this season.

A train case bag is the bag that came from those vintage movies we all watched at some point in our life, well maybe not everyone. But those who don't know, these were extremely popular somewhere around 18th century, when traveling was getting more common, until 19th century leisure travel was only for the rich. And today we have this box like bags which looks more like a make-up bag than a traveling one, anyone agrees? 

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  1. hy darling, great selection! i love the around waist bag they're so original!


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