For the last day of August I prepared this very special article which is about my latest, biggest and most unexpected accomplishment. During the summer after we joined the fashion blog As the members of the blog we started helping out the team to organize their new fashion event which is called "Mados Rampa" (eng: Fashion Ramp). The all process of coordinating this event wasn't easy at all. I'm so happy I could be a part of this event and experience all the bads and goods. Sleepless nights were worth it! Mados Rampa is the fashion event for all people who love fashion and are interested in a healthy lifestyle. Fashion fair, delicious and healthy food, music, entertainment and fashion show are the highlights! See the photos below.

More about the event here:  (for Lithuanian readers)

Our awesome team! 
Organizers: Kristina, Erika. Laura, Eva
Photographer: Dainius Ščiuka
The host: Vytenis Kazlauskas


  1. hy darling, what a beautiful post...i love it!!! and the pics? Fabulous...
    see u soon, a big kiss

  2. Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee

  3. Just found your blog & I think it's amazing (: Great work!
    Nati xx

  4. you both look stunning in your monochrome outfits!


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