I'm sharing really exotic shots which are taken by one of my most favorite Lithuanian photographers Dainius. And these pictures are just incredible! It 's hard to believe that these are the streets of Lithuania, can you imagine? 
Today you may expect a heavy rain, but it's not the excuse for you to stay at home. It has been raining in Lithuania for a while now and staying at home for half of the month became normal. That's not the summer we wanted, right? Here's the solution, guys! Don't let the weather affect your mood and your summer in general. Make it as exotic and summerish as you have imagined. 
I say: more textures and patterns, more colors and flowers. You are ready to go! And here's another tip from me: lastly, if your umbrella doesn't match your outfit, just leave it at home. You'll be just fine!

Original article:
Photos by Dainius Sciuka
Style by Eva and Laura (pink head scarf)
Makeup by Monika Poskute


  1. The photographs are incredibly perfect!!! I'm seriously amazed. You girls look absolutely fabulous...The clothes you're wearing and all of these outfits are seriously impressive.

    I love colours and patterns too..and I agree with you...we shouldn't let weather rule our days...Summer is what we make of it.

    about your message on my blog, I was already following you.

  2. These pictures are so gorgeous! You've got incredible style i'm very jealous!!!
    katie x


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