#GROZIODRAUGAS is my new collaboration friend, who not long ago sent me the secret beauty box which contains loads of goodies. I was so happy to receive this package as I had been told I would get something in nearly future, I got so excited! Let's scroll through photos down below to discover what's in the beauty box!

This little beauty box contains different things for  skin/body/hair care. My favorite so far is that new round blue Nivea lip butter, maybe it's because I have run out of my lip balms, so this one came at the right time. I'm also in love with the Marrakesh products for hair and must to mention that red The Garden of Colour bottle full of oil for your nails which has a really nice smell, can't get enough of it! Currently I'm using that awesome hair brush which is so convenient as it's easy to carry around and those hair rings, cuties! For more goodies check Groziodraugas online!

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