I think there's no need to explain what this short article is about! I gathered here moments, those you've seen on instagram and not, during my stay in Rapallo, Italy! Let the story begin!
Lithuanian readers now can read the article on Deichmann Trendblog! And make sure you watch the video!

Toothbrush..check! Some of the newly bought clothes...check! Body lotion..Check! Let's head to the land of Pizzas! Who's in the second pic? Oh, It's just sis and her typical face after a long ride! Beautiful Milan and its hottest spots we snapped on our way. Our first lunch in our first destination- Beautiful center of Milan.

A way to our hearts: delicious Italian food in a really Italian place! Flower shops and veggies all around us, glad we used them as a background for our shoots!

1-3: We are so in love with this place. Our choice of places to eat. 4: Yep! I'm really taking that bill with me, collecting these from various countries it's not weird at all, are there anyone else who do this?

Healthy morning snacks, yoga, complicated outfit, Pizza, night view, sunshine, God!

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  1. the food in Italy just always looks so amazing! Love your photos :D

    Pam Scalfi♥


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