What can be better than a calm evening in Rapallo? Today I‘m living to the fullest. Yesterday  the weather was perfect, so I put on my kimono and played around with its fringes to capture some playful photos. After a lof attempts to take some nice shots we decided to take a break at this one nice restaurant near the seaside and had our late dinner. We got back home when it was already dark, so our way home was a total delight . It was a memorable moment since all the lights in the city there shining and the waves of the sea were banging to shore.  It gave me kind of a relief after such busy days in Lithuania.


  1. You look wonderful, I love it :)
    I invite you to new post

  2. Italy is so pretty and I miss it so much! You look pretty too of course, love the photos!

    Pam Scalfi♥


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