One day I remember myself working on collages and graphics for my blog and it was when I discovered an amazing collection of scarves by Hermes spring 2015. Colors and designs crossed my mind. It inspired me to get one scarf for myself and play with it, match it and create new looks. So basically, this is the story how I've come up with this style idea in photos. I'm so happy I got this green designed scarf by W' D' Loreen and as I'm desperately in love with 60s trend (still didn't get over it) I made this look inspired by this trend, my H&M skirt just came in handy, because the texture on it is definitely the detail I needed in this look. However, I'm sure these type of scarves is the great accessory I'm looking forward to wearing later on in spring season. Maybe next time I will come up with new trends to show you, guys!


  1. Nice look:) xx

  2. I absolutely adore this look, it's very 60s chic, classic vintage and elegant xx I love the designer scarf and how sophisticated it is, it's very complimentary to the outfit, the printed skirt's a major 60s piece xx this is so monochrome with a little twist xx Have a great weekend, beautiful x

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  3. You look amazing! I love that scarf, it's perfecta and delicate. I have a skirt that looks almost the same as yours, and you gave me a great outfit idea.
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  4. I love your skirt

  5. your skirt is a dream! looove it! *.*
    take a look at my new post dear :) <3

  6. Super wyglądasz, uwielbiam takie połączenia :)
    fallow4afallow? :)

  7. Babe!! You look so amazing, I love this outfit :-)
    I'm following you now on Bloglovin', I hope you'll like mine too!

  8. that scarf loooks really cool ^^ love it so much much much ! hahaha

    btw , mind to do follow each other? so we can be keep in touch ^^ please lemme know. I'm gonna follow you back soon afterward. thank youu ><

  9. U are so beautiful! I love the pics and your outfit!!! This skirt is so cute!
    Kisses darling

  10. You look stunning
    Gorgeous ensemble

    Love Vikee


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