Especially for the last day of 2014 I want to recall all of my achievements and goals that I have made during this year! In comparison to last year, these have been much more active and profitable. There were so many projects which brought me with new people. Most of them were really meaningful as it brought me to the point, where I can see new opportunities and chances. It makes me believe in progress that my hard work is worth it. I got to work with some new brands, which, I think, was a really important goal for me. The experience with Tally Weijl opened so many new doors for us, also during the shoots I learned about real cooperation and team work. Moreover, we appeared on some magazines, representing Tally Weijl collections and had a couple of interviews for the first time in my life. An awesome experience! It was a great chance to get to know the people from Panele magazine! And to have an interview for that magazine was my old dream that finally came true. Also I must mention Etiquette e-magazine. Because of the great Etiquette team I practised my modeling skills and for the fist time me and sister got to be covergirls for a magazine. Most importantly  I started to work as the stylist there and continued this job with 8ToGo brand which gave us so many praises and good words, that motivates me to do well in other projects. 2014 was also a great start for a marathon of fashion events! There were so many of them. Starting with Fashion Infection, Agne Kuzmickaite and L.Salasevicius fashion shows! Besides these, I was honored to be invited to #FreshVilnius- garden on rooftop opening which was a great opportunity to be and chat with famous Lithuanian celebrities that I used to see only on my TV screen. Even after tasting the delicious Ali desserts for free I consider myself lucky. I'm thankful for 8ToGo which invited us to their shop in Vilnius, where the new collection of leather bags was being launched. Amazing time with amazing people! Also, I can't forget my modeling experience on Design Days or Apkalbos, however the most memorable is Loulu Et Tu show which gave me goosebumps and unforgettable moments! This year was so favorable for collaborations with online shops which either gave me a payment or free samples from their shops! One of the most appreciable collaborations is my collab with Geo Coloured Lenses, because of them I was able to change the color of my eyes for seven times and create playful and unique looks. Last but not least, I explored a new place for me, a true treasure spot- Bodrum, and there I made amazing memories that I can recall with a big smile, also the best photos of me were taken right there! Good to remember! 2014 was interesting and hard-working year, but everything is for the better. As I had mentioned in my Recap of 2013, I did my best, reached my goals, got so far and stand where I am now, remembering that all this blogging thing had started out of curiosity and well, now I'm here! As the example for it, curiosity is a powerful force and sometimes it can really make your dreams come true! It's the best cure for boredom and the right key to a happy and creative life! This year was just awesome and I swear god I will make 2015 worth to my hard work and with all strength I will move forward towards my true dream! Thank You for all your support, my Loves!


  1. Pretty pictures! Happy new year


  2. Happy new year

    Love Vikee

  3. great girl! I will cross my fingers for you and I believe that you will make whatever you planned :D



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