It is such a great thing to be a part of something! Working with people who enjoy what they do for living or take that as a hobby is more than a pleasure. I've been helping out in a shooting site for almost a year now. Etiquette company  is a group of young people, who have the same interest and goal in life. I'm pretty much the same! Only, I do everything individually. I like to be a solo and only one leader in my life, which is why about 6 years ago I came up with a blog idea! However, talking about thing that I have learnt during my collaboration with Etiquette is that teamwork, at some points in life, is the most valuable thing, a good team work can bring you good results. You can create amazing things with your fellows! Even I, working everything on my own, I still need my sister who takes photos for me or so do I for her. Sometimes, working with other people can push you more towards your dreams than working alone!

The new winter issue of Etiquette published, let's say, the other shots of backstage, to show the readers how their team works together! As the stylist of that shoot, I was so excited to show you the cover, which is the result of the shoot. You can read the issue here.

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