Hello Guys! How are you? I hope you're good. Talking about myself, I'm doing pretty good these days. A little more action before all the holidays, but that's all cool when I can share these things with you. I'm very happy that 8 To Go team thought about us and invited to Gėda Pelėda- new brand of bags launch in 8 To Go store in Vilnius. I was so excited all my way to Vilnius about those bags that I had heard of and soon were about to see them, I was very nervous. Just be sure you scroll through the photos I have made this evening, because I want you to see how awesome they look! Leather bags: amazing color selection, different designs and of course the best quality. Before getting a look around the shop, guests were warmly welcomed with free coffee service that was a great start of the event. The cool atmosphere was created by the good music that Jovani (well-known lithuanian dj) played. On top of that, the main star of the evening , the author of these bags was chatting with her guests all the evening and made sure that everyone was having a great time.
For this occasion I chose to wear something fast and easy. Wanted to feel super comfy and yep I was! My adorable H&M skirt played well with Sheinside sweater under my Zara coat and the whole look was super sweet and matched the theme pretty well, I think.

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  1. You look beautiful
    Gorgeous ensemble

    Love Vikee

  2. I love your skirt!

  3. super:) xx


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